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I am truly sorry for what you went through as a child, and can clearly see why you view the majority of Christians as you do. I do want to add that not all Christians are people hiding behind their religion. I take it you are a Christian, then you know that people take the religion for what it is and not use it as a tool. I do not think I am better than anyone, but I know I am a Christian, and as one, I am bound to witnessing for God. A lot of people mistake witnessing for judgement. I am not passing judgement on anyone . That is God's job. But,my job is to speak out and witness for Him when it is necessary. I know that you are probably referring to the sparring that has been going on between several people and one man here at this forum. I have not judged him, but counter attacked his rudeness. I can not stand to read blasphemy against God. Just say that he was an advocate of the government at the moment. If I posted insulting comments about the President, and how he is running this country, don't you think this man would speak up? I know that you did not mean any harm in your post, but for the record I am a Christian by choice, not upbringing, I am not a criminal, I have nothing to hide. I just believe in God. I know that prayer is not going to fix everything, but I do not have a family member to help me as you help your daughter. Prayer is all I have. It's all a lot of us have. If I didn't have that to hold on to, I truly would have nothing. Again, I am not judging anyone, I am just defending God as the Bible instructs me to do. I do hope that you do not generalize all Christians with your experiences in the past. I know you are speakng the truth about the bad people that hide behind Christianity, but we are not all like that. If I had two dollars, then someone on this page would have one. Not because I will get rewarded, but because that would be the right thing to do.
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