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 in response to bookworm2011...   I understand completely. I can not imagine what you must have went through as a child and I truly apologize in the name of Christianity. This particular religion is easy for Satan to use as a hiding place and I do know it happens. I do not try to push Christianity on anyone, and I don't mean to when I tell someone I'll pray for them, it's just what I do. I know that Prayer is not enough in a lot of situations, hence the reason I joined this site. I know that God helps those that help themselves. I believe He gave us the ability to ask for help if we can not do it alone. I am sorry for the "religious ranting" I have been posting, and will try to ignore the root of the problem in the future. I wish you well, and thank you for your response.
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 in response to Emil...   Thank you Emil,

I appreciate you took the time to read it and comment :)
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 in response to lovinggrammy...   I appreciate your input and honesty. I should correct myself in saying that the two catagories as Christians I posted are the ones I see most frequently. I am sure there are people that fall into other catagories as well. Its really sad its not consistent at all.I have actually wanted to post this before the arguing lately but did it now because of the intensity. When I first wanted to post it, it was based on all the advice being "ill pray for you" and while no there is nothing wrong, I do not believe prayer is all we have. God has equipped us with talents and gifts and even if its a small act, there can be power of action behind prayer. I think its great you witness and take up for God, we all have to do what we believe is right and we all think differently for a lot of reasons, both in and outside of Christianity. I think too much hypocrisy and twisting of Gods word takes place in this forum. I respect your right to respond to it how you see fit and again thank you for your input.

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Amazing post! Thank you.

Might be the most amazing post I have ever seen on Aidpage.

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I am truly sorry for what you went through as a child, and can clearly see why you view the majority of Christians as you do. I do want to add that not all Christians are people hiding behind their religion. I take it you are a Christian, then you know that people take the religion for what it is and not use it as a tool. I do not think I am better than anyone, but I know I am a Christian, and as one, I am bound to witnessing for God. A lot of people mistake witnessing for judgement. I am not passing judgement on anyone . That is God's job. But,my job is to speak out and witness for Him when it is necessary. I know that you are probably referring to the sparring that has been going on between several people and one man here at this forum. I have not judged him, but counter attacked his rudeness. I can not stand to read blasphemy against God. Just say that he was an advocate of the government at the moment. If I posted insulting comments about the President, and how he is running this country, don't you think this man would speak up? I know that you did not mean any harm in your post, but for the record I am a Christian by choice, not upbringing, I am not a criminal, I have nothing to hide. I just believe in God. I know that prayer is not going to fix everything, but I do not have a family member to help me as you help your daughter. Prayer is all I have. It's all a lot of us have. If I didn't have that to hold on to, I truly would have nothing. Again, I am not judging anyone, I am just defending God as the Bible instructs me to do. I do hope that you do not generalize all Christians with your experiences in the past. I know you are speakng the truth about the bad people that hide behind Christianity, but we are not all like that. If I had two dollars, then someone on this page would have one. Not because I will get rewarded, but because that would be the right thing to do.
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